GAR varistor
Product introduction:
Consumer electronics and electronic equipment used in industry being the main power supply into the flow of current. Such as LED lighting, electric meter, switching power supply, platooninsert, etc. Communication cable network equipment such as being into the flow of current. Houses being device and electronic device by gas and oil facilities equipment of surge protection. Being is inhibiting surge occurs in the electronic circuit. The limit of a camera equipment being pressure switch.
GAR film capacitor
Product synopsis: in order to foil as electrode, such as polypropylene, poly (ethyl ester plastic film as electrolyte capacitor, its high pressure and wide temperature range and long using time, good self-healing, good frequency characteristic advantage, compared with other capacitors stable performance, high reliability, applicable to high voltage, large current scenario.

GAR ceramic capacitor
Product synopsis: A compact structure being Do low price Due to its non polarization properties, applicable to alternating current (ac). Being is resistant to signal interference.
NTC thermistor
Product synopsis: Being is higher sensitivity. Being wide working temperature range. Being small in size. Do have good stability, strong overload capacity. Suitable for temperature measurement and control, temperature compensation, electronics, medical and many other applications.

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